My parents bought me a polaroid camera for my sixth birthday. I've been taking photos ever since. I moved from that Polaroid to an instamatic and then onto a "real" camera with a lens by the time I was 13. I spent most of my teen life in a darkroom; and then was amazed a few years later at the instant gratification that digital photography brought to my life. Through every type of camera, from darkroom to digital developing, I'm always happiest taking and making photographs.


I have two children, nine and eleven, and I've been snapping away at them since the minute they were born. My goal is to capture the subtle, natural moments of kids and families on film. No gimmicks, no backdrops, no fancy lighting. I love catching people in the act of being themselves.


I'd like to find out what you want to remember about your family.

Best, Holly

Holly Shuter


310.614.4556 info@straightshuter.com